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If you have a child age birth to 36 months with a developmental delay or disability, Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECI) may be able to help you and your child. Services are provided in the home and in other places where your child goes regularly, for example, a childcare center, park, library, or other community setting.

ECI services feature:

  • Individualized Planning Process
  • Family-Centered Services
  • Case Management
  • Familiar Settings
  • Professional Providers
  • Plans for Continuing Services

ECI programs provide services in every Texas county.

To locate the ECI program that serves your area, you may select the city or county where you live from the drop-down menu and click the “Search” button.

One or more ECI programs will appear along with the address, phone numbers, email and Web site (if available). There may be several ECI programs in your city or county. 

To narrow your search, enter your home zip code and click the “Search” button.  If more than one ECI program serves this zip code, you may contact any ECI program from the list and they will either forward your information to the correct ECI program or provide you the contact information so you may directly contact the program that serves your zip code.


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